By Giorel Curran

Anarchism has seldom had strong press, and anarchists have regularly confronted resistance to their political philosophy. regardless of this, 21st Century Dissent contends that anarchism has significantly stimulated the trendy political panorama. Giorel Curran explores the modern face of anarchism as expressed through environmental protests and the anti-globalization flow. She contends that anti-capitalist protest has propelled an invigorated - yet reconceptualized - anarchism into the guts of twenty first century dissent.

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Even if they agree with its spirit, they have difficulty discerning from it a practical, transformational politics. Many critics also identify in it a decidedly misanthropic undercurrent. They especially abhor its seeming dismissal, in one broad sweep, of the human potential for creativity, innovation and endeavour. They dismiss as fanciful and hopelessly romantic primitivism’s seeming championing of a cornucopian return to nature. Yet primitivism identifies a disillusionment with materialist values that is relatively widespread and that has penetrated the psyche of much oppositional politics.

The great lie was to present modern civilization as the acme of progress, whereas true progress lay in primitivism or ‘uncivility’. But anarchoprimitivism also draws on a broader set of influences. ) suggests that anarcho-primitivism derives its inspiration from a range of sources, including animal liberation, feminism, Situationism, deep ecology and Ludditism, but also goes beyond them to propose an immensely radical anti-civilizational alternative. An unyielding antiauthoritarianism and a pursuit of the principles and practices of egalitarianism and mutual aid, gives primitivism its anarchism.

As a prominent scientist and social critic points out: What can we make of Kropotkin’s argument today, and that of the entire Russian school represented by him? Were they just victims of cultural hope and intellectual conservatism? I don’t think so. In fact, I would hold that Kropotkin’s basic argument is correct. Struggle does occur in many modes, and some lead to cooperation among members of a species as the best pathway to advantage for individuals. If Kropotkin over-emphasised mutual aid, most Darwinians in Western Europe had exaggerated competition just as strongly.

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