By Richard H. Langley, John Moore

Offers a learn plan to construct wisdom and self assurance, discusses examine talents and methods, presents perform assessments, and contains a evaluation of the middle concepts.


gains five steps for the proper rating of chemistry. This name is helping you: arrange your research plan with 3 research schedules; verify your readiness with an AP-style diagnostic examination; strengthen the Read more...

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A—Molarity is moles per liter, and the moles are already known; therefore, only the volume is necessary to complete the determination. − 58. 40 mol needed. 16 mol present. 16) mol Br to be added] − (1 mol MgBr2/2 mol Br ) 64. D—To be an acid, the species must have an H+ to donate, and to be a base, the species must be + able to accept an H . The carbonate ion has no + H to donate to be an acid. 65. 5 10 ) as possible (H2PO4 ). To go to a higher pH, add the acid (conjugate base) with the smaller Ka (higher pKa).

A—The mole fraction of CO times the total pressure yields the partial pressure. 0). 21. 3 g/mol This example illustrates the importance of rounding in calculations where no calculator is available. The answers are not close together; therefore, a rough calculation will lead to the correct answer. Also, you should notice the answer D is impossible for any substance. 22. A—For the rate to be one-half, the molar mass of the other gas must be the square of the molar 2 mass of helium (4 = 16). 23. A—The average kinetic energy of the molecules depends on the temperature.

Iron slowly hydrolyzes (reacts with water) to form solid Fe(OH)3 (rust). 11. 00 mL) (1,000 mL/L) 12. 5). 13. A—H2C2O4 is the limiting reagent as the amount is less than the stoichiometric ratio indicates. 5 mol H 2C 2O4 ) ⎜ . ⎝ 5 mol H 2C 2O4 ⎟⎠ 14. A—The coefficients in the balanced equation are 2, 2, and 3. 5 mol. Chapter 8 15. 4 L/mol). 4 L/mol only works at STP. 16. D—This is an application of Charles’s law, which relates volume to temperature. There is a direct relationship between volume and the absolute temperature.

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