By Banister Fletcher

An illustrated background of structure at the comparative procedure: for college kids, craftsmen & amateurs (Иллюстрированная история архитектуры в сравнительном методе.)

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C. Richardson. H H. I. Triggs. H. Tanner, junr.. j A B c D A dome ,, ,, ,, , , plan sketch of peristyle . . transverse section western fa$ade . c D ,, elevation ,, ,, plans . . . S. Bride, elevation plans Clayton and Gailhabaud E V. ,, ,, Campbell. Kent. Photo. English Renaissance Examples S. Mary Le Bow, section section Campbell. Kent. F London ,, A. Gotch. G English Renaissance Examples IV. S. A. Gotch. H. Tanner, junr.. E ,, Richardson. D . 255. Henry Shaw~ H Convocation Room, Oxford North Cray Church, Kent Lead cistern, Victoria and Albert Pulpit, S.

Attained to a very high degree of learning in astronomy, mathethe remains of their literature have been matics, and philosophy preserved to us in the papyri, or MSS. written on paper made In theory the religion was monofrom the pith of the papyrus. a multiplicity of theistic, but in practice it became polytheistic gods was created by personifying natural phenomena, such as the sun, moon, and stars, as well as the brute creation. The Egyptians were strong believers in a future state hence their care in the preservation of their dead, and the erection of such Herodotus mentions everlasting monuments as the Pyramids.

65 and 66). This dualism is a very important fact to remember, because, as will be seen, it eventually ended in the exclusion of the beam altogether, and in the employment of the arch alone, throughout the entire constructive system of the building. In the numerous buildings which the Romans erected, it will be noticed that the column has. in the generality of cases, become merely a decorative feature, the actual work of support being performed by the piers of the wall behind, connected together by semicircular arches.

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