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It developed 2 to 3 horsepower with a head of 100 feet, and used 53 gallons per minute. Two spindle profiling machine of 1870. 32 applying the new system of interchangeable manufacture. Much of the success of this system depended upon the development and use of accurate gages and trustworthy standards of length. Pratt & Whitney, from the very beginning, improved and perfected the standards of length and commercial methods of precision measuring which have resulted in such great improvements, and have led directly to modern interchangeable manufacturing and mass production.

11. Years of time and many thousands of dollars went into this work. The net result was that Pratt & Whitney Company succeeded eventually in making several accurate copies of the British Standard Yard, the French Meter d’Archives and the American standard of length known as Bronze No. 11. These famous bars are still among our prized possessions. They were the basis of Pratt & 35 Four of the master bars accurate within millionths of an inch, made about 1880. Early thread gages made in 1876. Cylindrical gages of 1876.

On the following pages we have included a very few of the many things done in Pratt & Whitney shops in the making of firearms. Space will not permit showing everything, but the ones which appear are typical examples. Pratt & Whitney employees singing the “Star Spangled Banner” during a Liberty Loan rally in April, 1918. 64 1860 1930 A typical group of gages for rifle work. Pratt & Whitney have designed and made gages for every part of the rifles used by the armies of many of the world powers. A stack of Lee-Enfield Rifles.

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