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Книги серии Disney studying позволяют маленьким детям с удовольствием окунуться в мир английского языка. Вместе с любимыми мультяшными героями они познакомятся с английским алфавитом, чтением и арифметикой. Надеюсь, эти книги пригодятся тем родителям, кто занимаются со своими детьми методом "погружения", сочетая занятия иностранным языком с общей дошкольной подготовкой. Сегодня выкладываю первую из книг, The Alphabet.

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6. c. The suffix -sis means the process of. Metamorphosis means a transformation, a change of form or function. 7. a. The prefix re- means back, again. To reconcile means to reestablish a close relationship, to bring back to harmony. 8. a. The prefix sub- means under, beneath. As an adjective subordinate means of a lower or inferior rank, or subject to the authority of others. As a noun, it means one that is subordinate to another. As a verb, it means to put in a lower or inferior rank, or to subdue.

Think of replace, recall, and rewind. super: above, over. Think of superintendent and superior. qxd:JSB 12/18/08 2:48 PM Page 45 understanding word parts 45 SUFFIXES Suffixes may not be as easy to use to figure out the meaning of words. Suffixes most often just change a word’s part of speech. For example, the adjective equal becomes a noun, equality, when you add the suffix -ity. The verb depend becomes the adjective dependable when you add the suffix -able. The noun beauty becomes the verb beautify when you add the suffix -ify.

Put into action d. dreamed up In this sentence, context tells you that Jeremy got out every Saturday night without being discovered. Thus, the correct answer is c. He did both plan and dream up the escape, and he did succeed, but only choice c describes getting away with it. To implement means to make something happen. In this case, your choice depended on your awareness of the word’s connotation—you’ll learn more about connotations in Lesson 4. SUMMARY This lesson gave you practice in figuring out word meaning from context.

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