By Neil Schlager and Jayne Weisblatt

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They can receive credits if they release fewer emissions than they are allowed to produce. One major difficulty with controlling air pollution is that some pollutants can travel thousands of miles from their sources. Certain types of air pollution in one state can originate from a coalburning plant in another. For that reason, air pollution regulations must focus on large regions if they are to have any effect at all. Acid rain Acid rain is rain with small amounts of acid mixed into it. When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released from burning fossil fuels, they mix with water and oxygen in the atmosphere and turn into acids.

There is no way to get them out without cutting into or removing the dirt on top of deposits. Strip mining for coal involves removing the dirt and rocks above a deposit of coal and digging out the coal beneath it. Miners sometimes remove the tops of mountains to remove the coal below. Mines below the Earth’s surface can collapse, resulting in changes to the landscape on top of them. Though drilling for oil and natural gas is not always as destructive as coal mining, it still involves machinery that can destroy animal habitats and pipelines that cut across the land for thousands of miles.

The more air and fuel that can get into a cylinder, the more powerful the engine will be. Alternative Energy 5 FOSSIL FUELS What does Octane Mean? Gasoline comes in several varieties labeled with words such as ‘‘regular’’ or ‘‘supreme,’’ each with a number. The higher the number on the gasoline, the more expensive it is. That number is the gasoline’s octane rating, which tells how much the fuel can be compressed before it will spontaneously ignite. In a car engine, gasoline is supposed to ignite in one of the engine’s cylinders when it is lit by a spark plug; it is not supposed to ignite on its own.

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