By Scott Munger

Bible, Babel and babble: the rules of Bible translation [Jan 01, 1999] Munger, Scott

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Man from the Middle East. I L LU S T R AT I ON S DESCRIPTION OF ILLUSTRATIONS 33 I L LU S T R AT I ON S Page 16: Page 16: Page 17: Page 17: Page 18: Page 19: 34 Page 20: Page 20: Page 21: Page 21: Page 22: Page 22: Page 23: Page 24: Page 24: Page 25: Page 25: Page 26: Page 26: Page 27: Page 29: Back: John 3:16, Chinese. From the title page of an Arabic Bible. Philippine waterfall. Higaonon woman dancing. Christian saint depicted in stained glass. Engraved leather cover of an 1889 German pulpit Bible.

Kremlin Cathedral, Moscow. Classroom scene, Russia. Traditional Kazahk yurt, USSR. ” St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow. Table of contents from an edition of the 1611 King James (Authorized) Version. Note the inclusion of The Bookes called Apocrypha. Psalm 23 from an old, undated edition of the Welsh Bible. Ancient stone marker, Etchmiadzin/Ejmiastin, Armenia, the first nation to officially embrace Christianity. Egyptian pyramids. Art from India. From the title page of a 1595 edition of the English language Bishops’ Bible, a predecessor of the King James Version.

20 Cited in Wendland, p. 26. 21 E. , Martin Luther. Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen und Summarien über die Psalmen und Ursachen des Dolmetschens. , “Translators and the Development of National Languages” in Translators Through History, Jean Delisle and Judith Woodsworth, eds. (Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1995) p. 37. 22 Martin Luther, “A Letter of Consolation to All who Suffer Persecution Because of God’s Word, Addressed to Hartmut von Cronberg,” Luther’s Works, AE, vol 43, Devotional Writings: II, Gustav K.

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Bible, Babel and babble: The foundations of Bible by Scott Munger
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